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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  March 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a flash flood catches a coastal community off guard. what happened when several feet of water came rushing in? and they can't guarantee the houses will be here tomorrow. >> a lifetime of memories slipping away. the efforts tonight to save some bay area homes from sliding down a hillside. showers continuing outside right now. there's another storm on the way. when we might see a little spring sunshine. we'll have details coming up. good evening, a flash flood just the latest weather nightmare for one california community. downtown capatola was submerged over two feet of water. we have team coverage of today's rain related troubles beginning with ann.
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>> a rushing river once again took over capatola village, saturday, quick water rescuers could do nothing but watch after a second flood started at this mobile home park pushing a three foot wall of water through the city's downtown. flooding dozens of homes. >> it was like a river ran through my house. >> and businesses. >> i have weeks ahead of me in work, and it doesn't feel like fun work. >> this is where it all began on thursday night when a culvert burst under ground and sent water shooting into the village. it's 20 feet deep, 20 feet wide, and 100 feet long. when the pipe burst saturday morning, workers had just finished stabilizing it from the earlier flood. >> the rain, the volume of water, the heavy rain over ran the cruise. they had to abandon their equipment and seek shelter at higher ground. >> the floor literally fell out from under some homes.
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>> and we had furniture, vacuum cleaners, couches. >> and a mobile home staircase now in the middle of capatola avenue. this woman lives on river view drive. earlier lived up to its name. >> we started moving stuff because it was running so rapidly that it was taking the patio furniture and my garbage cans. >> today her carpet is soaked. >> it's just water. >> or is it? >> we have seen some oil. we have seen some gas. maybe some other nasty stuff in there. so we are advising people to not make contact with the water. >> this is meteorite. >> but jay did enough to evacuate the jewelry from his downtown store. >> i couldn't see the sandbags because the water was higher than they were. >> everything is soaking wet, which is why i'm sitting out here enjoying and drinking a beer. >> you have a remarkably good
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attitude. you have to let things roll off of you. >> ann macavic, cbs 5. two feet of water closed a major intersection near napa. all four lanes of highways 12 and 121 were shut down and detours set up. tonight the roads are open. there's also severe flooding on todd road. two lanes were shut down by a foot and a half of water. >> it will be another nerve racking night. their houses are threatened tonight by a slipping hillside. the ground began giving way thursday after days of rain and today, at least one family decided it was time to get out. they are packing up. don. >> reporter: we are in the backyard of the walker house here. take a look at the yard. they tell us this is a fairly level yard until the slide dropped at about 15 or 20 feet. now despite a day of little or no rain, the sliding has
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continued. meanwhile, city officials are drawing up an emergency decloration they hope to have on the governor's desk by monday. the hillside behind and under this san pablo house hasn't stopped sliding since thursday. >> as of right now, it is unstable. they did advise us that the hill is moving and they can't guarantee the houses will be here tomorrow or the day after. >> last night, blanca and their two kids slept in their sliding house for probably the last time. >> we stayed here last night, but it wasn't smart, but we did because we had to pack. everything was cracking, so we knew it was over. >> earlier in the day, friends from church loaded family belongings. blanca watched and became teary eyed as reality set in. >> we were there when they got baptized and they were there when we got baptized.
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>> three that sit below the slide. conversations turned from grief to responsibility and blame. someone found old pictures of what they said was a 1980 slide. it showed pictures of the road they say the city fixed. >> i had no indication, no disclosure that the house had actually slid down the hill. >> the walkers and their children will spend this night in a hotel. but tomorrow and their future is a question mark. >> we are losing the house. there's no way i can repair the house. and there's no way i can repair the hill. i'm going to be homeless. >> as of tonight, there is no firm plan about what to do to stabilize this hill. they hope they get that emergency decloration on monday. ann. >> don, thank you. >> a home in mill valley is also in danger. the heavy rain washed away the foundation underneath ethel
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avenue. three families evacuated. the power has been cut to the third house as engineers assess the damage of the road. let's get a quick check on what we can expect tomorrow lawrence. >> the ground is so saturated. things have tapered off. more scattered showers at this hour. looks like any amount now, we are seeing to taper off. but we aren't done. these showers are going to wind down now. here comes another round of rain. the good news is, it's not going to be as heavy. we are expecting a brief break overnight tonight. computer models picking up on that. through the night, should stay dry. as we head in through tomorrow morning, 8:00, 9:00, you see some showers show up and as we head through the day tomorrow, starts to move further and further to the south. a chance of showers showing up. the heaviest amount, a quarter of an inch of rain. we'll have more on that, plus a chance of spring sunshine, maybe some 70s coming up. ann, back to you. >> we are ready for sun. thank you. but the wet weather is
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likely to blame for a minor rock slide in san francisco. a pair of huge boulders came down on cars parked near 12th and cantara. fortunately, no one was walking on the sidewalk below when the rocks came crashing down and the only damage was to the cars. and not the best day to be on the water. a boat capsized in san francisco about 8:00 this morning. two people were dumped into the bay and the coast guard pulled them to safety. it's become a familiar sight this week in the bay area. another tree losing its grip in soggy soil. this one fell in the oakland hills just off highway 13. it took down power lines and of course closed the road until crews could remove it. and it was the same story in the peninsula. highway 84 was closed for more than seven hours today. these are landslides in the fallen trees. the debris has been cleared and the road is open. >> a sewage leak is being
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watched tonight. a small amount of overflow was reported from a man hold. the county sanitation district says it is flowing at a sanoma creek, but not enough to be any danger to fish or wildlife. and work continues tonight to restore water to a handful of homes. a landslide on pleasantton ridge nuked out a water main yesterday. until then, residents have 160 homes being warned not to drink tap water. things are looking better in the sierra tonight. this was i-80 a few hours ago. the road was clear and traffic was flowing freely. 80, 50, and other roads were closed the last couple days because of driving conditions. more than 12 feet of snow has fallen in the mountains just this week. highway 1 near big sir is still blocked tonight by boulders that rained down on the road thursday.
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the road is closed south of kiln state park and 30 miles from where a large stretched out. that damage will take weeks to repair. and a computer crashed, alaska airlines forced it to cancel 140 flights today. a transformer powering it blew. and five flights and one from oakland international airport were canceled. leaving passengers scrambling. >> we were supposed to fly out of ?an stan and we couldn't fly out of there because i couldn't get out of there. we came to oakland to get back to seattle. the only option we had -- >> alaska's partner, horizon was impacted and in a joint statement, they are working to get things bobbing to normal. the passing of a political pioneer. how geraldine ferraro is being remembered tonight. and a frightening scene
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inside a tripoli hotel. what she told reporters before she was taken away. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have such a nice ring to it. >> former democratic vice presidential candidate, geraldine ferraro has died. ferraro made history when she was chons for a running mate in 2004. but they lost in a landslide to ronald reagan and george bush. ferraro was diagnosed with blood cancer in 1998 and underwent treatment for years. she was 75 years old. among the tributes, congresswoman jackie speier called ferraro a hero to a whole generation of women. congresswoman nancy pelosi says she inspired women across the country to reach their own greatness. and barbra boxer called her a history making woman. a major victory for libyan rebels. they are in control of the key
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city. what led to their success. >> reporter: libyan rebels danced on burned out tanks, fired guns in the air, and flew their tri colored flags saturday. they retook the key coastal city after beating back moammar gadhafi forces. further west in gadhafi's stronghold, a libyan woman said she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by government troops for two days. before she could finish her story, government security guards stepped in, pushing journalists out of the way. hotel staff grabbed the woman and threw her out. outside, she raised her dress to show her bruised body before security drove her away. >> she is basically safe and well with the criminal investigation bureau. >> attacks on libyan civilians are among the reasons they voted for a no fly zone. american generals expect nato to assume command on sunday.
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>> president barack obama says the mission is succeeding. >> every day, the pressure on gadhafi and his regime is increasing. >> allied forces pounded libyan ground troops and others along the coast. rebels admit they were only able to retake because of coalition air strikes. they flashed peace signs in celebration, but more fighting lies ahead. cbs news, new york. bank branches in london targeted by london protesters angered by government spending cuts. police say up to a quarter of a million people marched peacefully, but demonstrators spray painted businesses that they blame for the country's financial problem. all right, lawrence is back and he promises to talk about sunshine. >> if we don't get that sunshine, people will be taken to the streets. >> they will be knocking on your door. >> we are going to get that
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shine. we have more showers to deal with. rain coming our way once again for tomorrow, but it doesn't look like a big storm. we have seen day after day, we have one more shot and i think we are going to dry things out. a couple clouds, but not too bad. should be nice and dry there, but we are still seeing some rain showing up around the state and headed up in the sierra, nevada, where they have seen tons of snow. if you can wait, there's going to be fantastic skiing conditions in the high country. in the meantime, rain totals are impressive. we saw a lot of rain. they have seen the mud slides, the flooding, and also 3 inches of rain that came from the storm system. mill valley, over 2 inches oaf rain fall. all right. around the rest of the bay area, yup, we had plenty of rain, too. almost an inch in san rafael. almost a half an inch in mountain view and lesser amounts in san jose.
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running well above average. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s outside right now. for tomorrow, plan on a few more showers. the fufort you go to north, the more chance you will see rain drops. looking at a mixture of rain and snow, but get a load of this as we head towards monday and tuesday. mostly sunny skies, some fantastic skiing conditions. high pressure trying to build in, but the ridge is not going to get here in time. this is going to dive in. we could see one more shot of rain around the bay area. then it looks like things are going to start to dry out and it's liking nice as we head to the end of the week. computer molds, as we head in twort easterly directionally tomorrow morning, shores beginning to show up in parts of north bay. as we take you through the day, that will take you further to the south. rain is moving in as we head towards late afternoon and the evening hours. you get the idea?
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we have a storm coming in. not a major soaker. temperatures should stay mainly into the 50s. maybe low 60 in towards san jose. here we go. here's our ray of hope as we look in the forecast. chance of showers for tomorrow, monday looks partly cloudy. temperatures will be moving into the 60s and tuesday, especially wednesday. that ridge builds in. we'll see the offshore winds kicking in and some of the warmest temperatures we have seen all spring. those numbers into the 70s and if that doesn't happen, people will be taking you to the streets. > we saw the charger, it looked green. >> my bracket has imploded. i am just -- >> it's a job we have to be the biggest bracket buster tournament. it's amazing. another one goes down. rough day for northern california, too, in the state championships and could the
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stanford women survive a tip? we'll tip it off next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪ even if your team is not in it, it's all about basketball right now. >> it is, and we have one local team. there were no men in the ncaa tournament, but the women were there. i tell you what, if you are going to tape a rap video, you better win the basketball game. the stanford women were on the ropes against north carolina. turns the corner, gives the
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tarheels a 4 point lead. lucas won carolina with 2. peterson didn't have as much slash, but led by 4 at the half. they stayed that way late. and look at neca, best impression, up by 4. final minute, two point game. her sister, janay, they combine for 35 points. stanford barely survived. it was closer than that, folks. while stanford eased the number one seed, they will be on the road in spocane. to the men, butler is the only team left in the tournament that was in the final four last year. the small mid major was trying to get back to that spot if they could beat florida. bulldogs trying to prove that last year was no fluke. ties it with a layup and they would go to overtime. in ot, irving walker who missed
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a chance to win it in regulation buries the deep ball to give the gators a one point lead. sheldon hits a three point shot, he had a game high 27 points. gators down 3, here's how it ended. >> let the three go. now. butler, gordon. doing it again. >> butler survivorred 74-71. they advance to their second straight final four. >> ron, i don't mean to bring you down here, but i was looking at your free throw percentage. >> you do this to me every year. point out my three point percentage. i know it's bad. >> so, when was the last time you sank four in a row. i think you did that today, didn't you? >> we may be going way back.
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utah and hawaii made a career high 9 free throws. i won't forget it because i don't usually do it that often. >> arizona's derek williams and kendle walker faces off for the final four. goff the huskies a lead. after the congested 3. williams also had 20. cats have the lead with 7 minutes left in the game. but with three minutes to go, jeremy stole the ball. 10 seconds to go, arizona down by 2. >> williams for the win. no. this for the win. no. game over. >> yukon going. the second final in three years for them. 63-57 in the title game
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this morning. power balance pavilion. formerly arco arena. bishop branded ashley. loud. the coaches in attendance with 25 points, but lutheran rallied back. loses in the title game for the second year in a row. 64-59. and the lady dragons came up short. santa marie, 32-10 in the final 12 minutes. the title goes to them, 53.42. modern day, lewis showed everyone why she is taking her time. she goes off, 33 is not her name. berkeley with the only public school to represent northern california. the modern day boys made it six straight wins. the man arc quickly turned 3-18 and get the spar tajes up. up next, what happened to the
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patrick is showing off his new yoga moves. logan knocked in the rebound. san jose leads 1-0. he has 30 this year. san jose retook the league. little boy cleaned it up. sharks win 2-1. they take a four-point lead. rocked by the cincinnatis. fourth inning, brad lewis, leap off lynn si couple. allowed six runs on 11s. not what you want to see if your opening day pitcher. right three, tiger got himself into contention yesterday. he follows that with a 2 over 70. final tournament before the masters. shot a 70 to move to the top of the leader board. he'll take a two shot league into the final round.
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well finally tonight, the news for many was worse than our weather forecast, florence. the single winning ticket for the $319 million megamillions jackpot was sold at a tiny variety store in albany, new york. >> good. >> it's great that somebody comes into this and hopefully it's a regular customer and maybe even a group of people
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from you know, an office around here. that's nice if it could be shared. >> if the winner chooses the cash option, she will receive a payment of $203 million. the store owner gets 10,000 for selling the ticket. check wait. check your tickets anyway. because five californians have nearly a ticket. 52 and 54 st. i think my lottery did better than my bracket. that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00. thanks for watching. we'll see you here again tomorrow night at 5:30. good night. >> good night. your donations can help the thousands. >> to find out more, visit ,, ,,,,
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